Art Galleries

the solo exhibits of ...Mark Beltchenko, Bill Jackson and Ivan Kende. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public from September 12th through November 7th, 2010. A reception for the artists is planned for Sunday, September 19th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. 

 Mark Betlchenko: As a sculptor and object maker, my work is born of the visual impact I find in juxtaposing the symmetry of man made forms of function with the asymmetry of our seemingly random, natural world. My visual language is used to illuminate and engage a broad range of social issues that confront us from day to day. A great deal of my work is anchored in my training as a goldsmith, this is where I developed my true sensibilities of three dimensionality and my skills in carving and metal fabrication. The importance of incorporating the principles of balance, form, texture and movement are as significant in the work I produce today as they were when I discovered them designing jewelry 35 years ago. I am devoted to my chosen mediums of steel and stone, they are rich with tradition, have unsurpassed versatility and speak to the commitment and longevity of my work


Bill Jackson:

Energy & Mass

These prints release something unexpected ¬that is lurking beneath the surface of everyday observation.

A concrete sewer connection becomes an astral body orbiting in space. African grasses, bent with fresh snow, become a “white water’ torrent that is crashing out of the picture frame towards the viewer. Rural silo’s become the welded wall at the end of the universe.

Or maybe you see them differently. Because the point of it all is look afresh at what we see every day.

Ivan Kende: These works are essentially technical drawings, the foundation, for a sculpture series that is in progress. The “Hotrod” set is one of the later chapters in the series.
After sketching many ideas, it dawned on me that some of these could be developed into independent, finished art works to be enjoyed in their own right. Combining different media in various layers, stepping over the boundaries of traditional perspective, has freed me up to explore new approaches to the image making process and its content. Individual marks merge into flat shapes that form recognizable shapes that trigger memories of internalized archetypes and iconic images.
The totality of the sculpture series reflects the progression of archetypes from the ancient to the modern. The “Hotrods” are a symbol of elegance of speed, ingenuity, and the need to keep the competitive sharp edge. The opposite is also implied, that the primordial nature of reality is never far from the surface.