Sculptor Services

"We can build your sculpture!"

The sculpture technicians at Flatlanders are able to construct artworks for many public and private projects, in addition to the execution of numerous other services related to sculpture.

Flatlanders can do the following:

  • Welding and fabricating of steel, stainless steel, Corten, aluminium and bronze sheet.
  • CNC Plasma cutting up to 1" thick steel, stainless steel, Corten, aluminium and bronze sheet.
  • CNC Laser cutting of plastic, rubber, wood, vinyl, plexi glass/acrylic. Etching of nonferrous and ferrous metals, plastic and stone.
  • CNC Router - can be used with wood, foam, plastic, and aluminium
  • Foundry services - casting of silcon bronze and aluminium in ceramic shell.
  • Stone carving in limestone, marble and granite. Give us your maquette and we'll make it bigger!
  • Sculpture installation - foundations, crane work, pick up and delivery.
  • Restoration (for most sculpture)
  • Conservation of public or private artworks
  • Sculpture bases and mounting - bases and pedestial made from any material. We offer a wide selection of museum quality, tailor made bases and pedestals in a variety stone, domestic woods, clear acryclic, plastic laminates and much more.

Feel free to call us with your questions: