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This piece is a continuation in Ken Thompson's series of arch ways that have been completed in various materials.  Steel Arch 4 was commissioned as a site specific, one year loan for the Dogwood Arts Festival in the City of Knoxville, TN, it measures 14 x 14 x 28'. Built in modular sections it can be disassembled for transportation and re-assembled at a new site.

Like other pieces before it, it is constructed with a 2 x 2" tubing frame to hang steel plates to form the outer skin.  The major outline of the piece was first constructed for continuity and then later cut into three sections to make it transportable. Each section weighs approximately 400lbs.

The top section was fitted with two outboard sleeves to accept the 3" stainless steel tube "outriggers", which fit into mounting sockets at the foundation. To control the stability of the work, a 11/2" stainless steel "bow" was inserted as a cross piece.  This piece is designed to be mounted on 4 concrete pads that set on the surface; in this format the piece should withstand 80mph winds, higher if fastened to a permanent foundation.