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Blissfield - Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents “The (un)Stable Artists of Flatlanders” featuring our stable artists; Jason Arbogast, James Freeman, John Leyland, Nathan Longsdorf, Michael Joseph, Denise Keeley, Margo McCafferty, Megan Merrell-Butler, Tom Rudd, Ken Thompson and Mark Wagar. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public thru September 6th, 2009.

Jason Arbogast –takes a formal approach in bronze with simple geometric shapes representing ideas heavily rooted in sociology and politics.

 James Freeman - current body of work consists of sculptural and semi-functional ceramic vessels.

John Leyland – produces large, hand-built, sculptural forms based on Neolithic artifacts and minimalist geometry. While exhibiting sculpture he continues to make pots.

Nathan Longsdorf –exhibits a series of sculptures that are the result of an internal struggle, good vs. evil.
Michael Joseph – mixed bold enamel colors, oil pastels and spray paint, to create works that pre-dated the graffiti arts movement

Dennis Keeley – depicts how the life-giving force of women triumphs over the silence imposed by a patriarchal society. Her struggle was not to catch a glimpse of their faces, she said, but to understand their souls.

Margo McCafferty and Tom Rudd – work together to create color reduction relief prints, a process which makes use of each of their areas of expertise (Tom's carving, Margo's drawing). The resulting prints have been exhibited nationally and collected internationally.

Megan Merrell-Butler – interests lies in investigating suggestivity and sexuality through abstract, ambiguously sexual forms in stone.


Ken Thompson – Beyond content, my sculpture concentrates on the fundamental issue of form and how negative space defines it as well as the techniques employed to create it.


Mark Wagar – employs the hand blown glass vessel as a utilitarian object as well as a sculptural component.