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Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents:  SWITCH HITTERS III: You make mine, I’ll make yours.  This exhibit showcases the work of two artists who developed designs for works that were then constructed by the other artist. Sculptor Ken Thompson, known for his work in metal and stone, created from the designs of ceramic artist John Leyland, while Leyland used Thompson's designs for his large ceramic pieces. This dynamic exhibit explores the artistic expression and creativity that can grow out of this type of collaboration between artists. This exhibit is open to the public from January 17th through April 3rd, 2010.



You make mine, I’ll make yours.


John Leyland and Ken Thompson have admired and respected one another’s work since they first meet eight years ago. They share similar aesthetic sensibilities and an understanding that sculpture is about form, its surface and negative space. From a material standpoint though, their approaches are different: John is the ceramist and Ken works in stone, metal and occasionally wood.


Several years ago, John proposed that he and Ken collaborate in way different from other collaborating artists. Instead of working together on a singular or series of pieces, they would exchange drawings, photos and original sculptures to answer this question: “If you could change something about my work, what would it be?” This exhibit allows the viewer to compare the original work to the re-interpreted work. Surfaces, materials and scale all change, but the form remains the same, but often the intent of the sculpture changes. Hmmm....


Note to fellow art makers: Unless you are ready for the answer, don’t ever ask the question.