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Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents The Fall Exhibition; solo exhibits featuring artists; D.W. Martin and Ken Thompson with a group exhibition by Nancy Patek, Jeanne Bieri and Martine MacDonald. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public from September 17th through November 20th, 2011. A Closing Reception with the Artists is planned for Sunday, November 20th, from 1:00-4:00pm.

D.W. Martin - My initial interest and departure point comes from observations of electrical pylons that carry high voltage power lines across the land. There are two main elements that have captivated my creative urges and have led to sculptures that I produce.

First are the figurative qualities the pylons possess.  I observe how different structures reveal a more specific gender than another and obvious recognition of appendages. Even as a child, I saw them as big creatures lumbering across the landscape in uniform lines.

Second is the "line" and how it moves over vast areas of landscape carrying electricity from point A to point B and how it affects our daily lives.  Also how we as people take it for granite the visual existence of these dominating structure and the function it provides bringing electricity into our homes.

It has been my desire to take a static structure that is common in our daily visual vocabulary and bring to it life, in hopes of changing our visual perception of an otherwise mundane object.

In these recent works I have continued to investigate movement in the forms pushing the inanimate into animate, perhaps anthropomorphism. I proceed by developing a surface that emits a visual noise using line, color and the physical mark.

Ken Thompson - It is said that, 'with spring comes new life and renewal,' oddly, what I've noticed this spring is  a large number of repossessed homes distinguished by their un-mown lawns. Home ownership has long been the goal of many Americans and is central to financial security. But now, millions have lost or are losing their homes. My exhibit illustrates my outrage at the system that allowed this to happen. With an absolute lack of reverence, I happily jab at the responsible parties: the banking industry and Wall Street.


Within my work, materials serve as metaphors... I use corrugated board, Styrofoam, sticks, wax, duct tape and pencils to illustrate my thoughts. To push the point a little further, I chose to cast the images in bronze, a time-eternal and lustrous material that stands in conflict with my imagery and intent.


The title for this series, Castles for the New Economy, comes from my fear that wealth in the new economy will be determined by the number of appliance boxes that we can duct tape together to form our home!

 Nancy Patek, Jeanne Bieri and Martine MacDonald - This artist collaboration began in the autumn of 2007 with the intention of producing a joint body of work reflecting the response of each individual artist to a common theme; a specific geographic area with a rich history of the American Midwest. We are all residents of the Detroit area and each reached adulthood in a different decade - the 50’s, the 60’s and the 70’s.  One artist contributes the experience of twenty years of drawing the urban landscape, another continues her exploration of people and their stories in her oil paintings on canvas, and the third captures studies of romantic landscapes in her oil paintings on board and canvas. The mixed media drawings on paper unite the past and the present and raise ecological and/or urban issues.  The river and landscape paintings show the continuity of beauty and tranquility, unchanged by time. The paintings of people are biographical; they interpret the stories of individuals met in our travels. We are recording the history and memories of an overlooked geographical area.