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Mad Mohre
In (Be) Wilderness

Following the formation of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America in 1912 as a model for self-empowerment and citizenry, the United States has lacked a national organization for continued adult guidance and empowerment. Enter Life Scouts of America, the organization dedicated to magnifying our cultural assumptions and narcissistic needs, as well as committed to highlighting a culture of winning. As the Life Scouts of America Law states, “I will do my best to be good and great, resourceful and ambitious, versatile and learned, excellent and strong and responsible for what I accomplish, and to respect myself and others’ opinions, champion hierarchy, use wealth wisely, make my world a better place, and be companion to few.”

Complementing Life Scouts of America is another body of art that investigates the current United States’ political climate and the central figure occupying the White House. The work imagines moments of solitude the commander-in-chief might experience and probes policies reinforced (or destroyed) by inner voices and presidential thumbs.

Life Scouts of America (book detail) 
 Life Scouts of America(spread detail)
 Life Scouts of America (poster 1)
 Life Scouts of America (poster 2)