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Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents Let's Pretend He's Dead, the solo exhibition of mixed media artist Steven J. Athanas. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public from March 18th - June 2nd 2018. An opening  reception with the artist is planned for Sunday, March 18th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and will include refreshments.


Steven Athanas has been making music and art for over 5 decades now, and shows no sign of stopping. He majored in Art and English in high school, and received a BA in Art Ed at the University of Toledo. Athanas put the visual art on the back burner (though he always carried a sketch pad) in the 70's through 2000, when he performed as lead singer/entertainer in multiple bar bands in Northwest Ohio including The Raisin Band, The Best, Loved By Millions and The Homewreckers. The Art teaching jobs seem to have dried up, so he now puts his energies into his visual art. His work is a conglomerate of 2D & 3D, utilizing refurbished, found and unique items in his work. His work has shown in NYC, Baltimore, Northwest Ohio/Michigan, Colorado, Chicago and West Palm Beach.

Hitchhike My Nose, Hitchhike My Eye, Hitchhike My Ear

Steven J. Athanas