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Kees Ouwens born in Jaarsveld, Netherlands studied at the Royal Horticultural College in Utrecht, Netherlands. In 1982, Ouwens moved to Japan to study art, culture and garden architecture because of the difference in the perception of space, especially when it comes to creating gardens. Ouwens main focal point of interest is stone arrangements, which is the fundamental part of garden making in Japan. 'If the stone compositions are not done in a proper way, the whole garden will appear as an unbalanced, not well designed garden'.  Ouwens is making Flatlanders his studio for 2 months while he finishes his current piece "Whispering Stones" for Western Michigan University's Sculpture Tour .The steel base construction was fabricated in Japan and then shipped to Michigan.  A total of 56 hollow pipes, each 4cm in diameter will have a small stone sculpture carved from Michigan granite placed on the top of each pipe.  In addition, Ouwens will drill sound holes in different areas, this with the weight of the stone, the size of the pipe and the wind will produce sounds.  When completed, this piece will be 10'W x 12'L x 12'T and weigh 5000lbs.




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