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"Mr. Thompson has beautifully captured the symbolism of student engagement and creativity that takes place at Alma College,” says Art and Design Professor Carrie Parks-Kirby, who was a member of the committee that selected the artist and sculpture themes.

The sculpture of bright stainless steel stands 12 feet high. One side of the sculpture is vertical with texture slats, while the other side forms an arch. The Hogan Arch sits on a 12-foot diameter hardscape made of slate, granite and nickel-plated bronze.

Within the hardscape and around the outer edge are a series of images designed and created by Alma students. These relief images — 30 in all — depict activities associated with the Hogan Center, both athletics and performing arts. Students in the art department's "Tools and Materials" class created relief panels for casting, while graphic design students developed symbols for engraving into slate.