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Artist Statement

I see each project as a 'clean sheet of paper' that presents new opportunities to discover sculptural solutions. Beyond content and suitability, my sculpture concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it, as well as, the techniques   employed to create it.

Remaining true to this edict, I have created five new sculptures intended solely for a 'clean sheet of paper' series. The notion for the pieces began about seven years ago when Flatlanders Sculpture Supply (my company) was engaged to remove a sculpture for the City of Toledo (Ohio). The materials used here have been repurposed from that sculpture, a ten hockey stick piece that ranged in height from 12 to 22 feet and stood at the entrance to International Park.

The sculpture was showing signs of rot at its base and fear that might fall down brought about its removal. Frankly, I envisioned it as firewood to heat the studio when I first assessed it. But, it was when we began removing the sculpture with chainsaw and crane that I realized that the sculpture was actually made from laminated Douglas Fir structural beams and the material was in fantastic shape after 35 years outdoors.

This series features five of the six sculptures made from the remaining 'hockey sticks'. I have been influenced by the architecture of the Greeks and Romans, as well as, the likes of Brancusi and Noguchi. It was reading Noguchi's memoirs that led me to the understanding that "negative space defines the positive form." That small piece of information changed everything about sculpture for me.

In addition, I come from a tradition of craftsmanship. I have always believed that my work should be well made using proper techniques even if it is not respected as art.

Call it what you will, but to paraphrase that great unsung philosopher Popeye, "It is what it is."