Art Galleries

Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents:  Feed the Soul – Feed the Hungry.  This exhibit will be open to the public from September 22nd through November 15th, 2009.  ‘Feed the Soul’, will feature artists; Daniel Stewart, Lynn Southward, Jennifer Bandeen and the Athena Art Society.  In addition, ‘Feed the Hungry’ highlights various artists with the Empty Bowl Exhibition.  Flatlanders’ exhibitions are typically free of charge however; visitors to the galleries are encouraged to bring non-perishable foods, canned goods and/or toiletries to benefit Lenawee County food pantries. The pinnacle of the exhibit will be Saturday, September 26th, at our Fall Bash, from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, with special musical guests The Coosters

Jennifer Bandeen- “The entire ‘Night Shots’ series is in itself a series of photographs dealing with low lighting conditions, contrasting light levels and the overall ‘mood’ that the cover of darkness can bring.  Low levels of natural light produce an incongruous mix of either having an image with brilliantly surreal colors against a dark background, or an overall dim image that requires the viewer to stare long and hard at it until the murky images emerge from within.”

Lynn Southward – “I consider myself a cabinet maker who has evolved into an artist – someone who loves woodworking and creating something beautiful out of wood.  In recent years I have been shifting more from the functional side of wood to the artistic side, with wood turning becoming my favorite art form.  I especially enjoy segmented turnings, combining local Michigan woods with exotic woods from other countries.  Recently, I have also begun creating hollow vessels frequently using burls from trees with interesting grains and voids.”

Daniel Stewart - “I'm not one to give detailed descriptions of the small nuances of meaning I place on a particular image. From the viewer's standpoint, it wouldn't/shouldn't make a discernible difference. I believe a painting's success or failure is judged on that moment when all the design problems work themselves out and the germ of my original idea is out of my head, at least momentarily.”

The Athena Society –An invitational group of active women founded in 1903.  Athena is one of the oldest professional women’s art organizations in the country. Their mission ‘to promote and develop the visual arts and stimulate community participation’, is witnessed through scholarships, host juried and non-juried annual exhibitions and continued support for other arts organizations through leadership and partnerships. “The Mona Project” is an awareness endeavor that consists of personal interpretations of the Mona Lisa by the members of The Athena Society.