Art Galleries
Blissfield - Flatlanders Art Galleries proudly presents A Matter of Touch an exhibition curated by Greg Jones that will include three professors from Adrian College. This exhibit is free of charge and will be open to the public from January 14th to May 8th, 2011. An opening reception is planned for Sunday, January 16th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and will include refreshments.

 Greg Jones “I have always been intrigued by the paradoxical nature of humans, and my current body of work is a response to my inability to reconcile the many contradictions within the human condition. Using toys as stand-ins for humans, I hope to put a playful spin on both the images and the darker acts of human nature.”
 Pi Benio – “The world as we know it yields but one ending—death, disintegration, dismemberment and crucifixion of our heart with the passing of the forms that we have loved.” a quote by Joseph Campbell
Cathie Royer – “My work centers on images of growth, change, and decline. Different stages of insect and plant life mix with views of the human body—often interior views like medical diagrams. Increasingly, objects I associate with important people in my life make an appearance, as do more abstract images based on circles and arcs.”