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The re-opening of the state is being handled in phases as will be the online exhibit 2020 And The Challenge to Create. There will be 4 phases, each phase will begin on Friday evening.


Good things come to those who wait...

Welcome to “2020 And The Challenge to Create,” Flatlanders Galleries' first online exhibit.

The presence of this pandemic stifles an inordinate number of activities, yet this unique exhibit gives the gallery an opportunity to show multiple artists employing man mediums, from traditional visual art to video, and beyond. 

Thanks to Ken and Bridgid for the opportunity and help. And to all the artists: what a blast!

Steven J. Athanas

Phase 1 Exhibiting Artists

Steven J. Athanas
Penny Collins
Katie Delay

Grant Drumheller
Rob Fetters
Tom Friemoth & Penny Gentieu
Judy Paschalis

Phase 2 Exhibiting Artists
Tim Gahagan
Robert Garcia
David Hile
Ivan Kende
Jack Kenny

Kees Ouwens
Lorraine Rush
 Phase 3 Exhibiting Artists
Kristin Kowalski
Joel Lipman
My Kid Brother
Kathleen Pahl
John Rockwood
Warren Woodberry
Phase 4 Exhibiting Artists
Philip Hazard
Meighen Jackson
Valerie Mann
Chris Stofan
Louie  Simon